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Back to my blog after three years. I needed time to concentrate on a book that now [audible exhale] is nearing completion. My next and final chapter (not including a summary and conclusion, of course) will focus on fictional narratives based on authentic American vampire incidents. Beginning in 1842, with a story that Mrs. S. E. Farley included in her article,”Popular Prejudices,” writers began to spin their own vampire tales, obviously inspired by documented vampire exhumations in this country.

To call this “a trend” would be a huge stretch: I know of five such narratives published during the nineteenth century (1842, 1851, 1871, 1896, and 1899) and only two more (1923 and 1937) until the very end of the twentieth century. Then, relatively speaking, the floodgate opened.

And this is where I need your input. I would like to include an appendix in the book that lists all published fiction whose genesis has recognizable ties to documented vampire exhumations in North America. (Yes, my Canadian friends, I am aware of two such events in your fine country, one in the Province of Quebec and one in Ontario.)

I would be very grateful to receive the bibliographic data (author, title, publisher, date) for any published fiction (including novels, short stories, plays, and poetry) based on America’s historical vampires. I am aware of the blurred line between fiction and nonfiction. And I know that Mercy Brown rules—but there are others out there, too. You can email me or, if you want to share the information here, you can post a comment. All contributions will be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone - and have a great 2015!

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